• Gain Backyard Privacy Through Landscaping

  • Generating privacy is a frequent objective when creating an incredible backyard living space.  And while most of us love our neighbors, a little intimacy is appreciated when grilling, entertaining or squeezing in a little relaxation time.

    Strategies for creating privacy are fueled by tastes, space limitations and budget.  Often a combination of strategies is the best solution and offers the most intrigue too.   When planned smartly, appreciated byproducts of successful privacy strategies are controlling noise pollution, providing a wind barrier and / or protection from the sun.


    Homes with open back yards and plenty of geography between the neighbors often lead us to marry a handful of evergreen trees with a few large shade trees.  The opposing structure of each tends to compliment each other and fill in the awkward gaps.  Visualize that tall evergreens are very pyramidal, leaving vulnerable areas towards the mid range height…often where a second story house needs mitigated.  The dense canopy of shade trees serves to fill in the gaps, even in the winter.  Immediate landscape bed plantings around your living space serve to create the “sense of place” we often refer to and contribute towards the privacy goal.

    Courtyards and abbreviated backyards require a completely different perspective that often employs columnar evergreens, custom lattice panels and ornamental grasses.  We dig tight spaces that force well planned ideas.  Architecturally trimmed, cedar privacy panels constructed between pergola posts with a tamed wisteria or brilliantly flowering clematis trailing up the structure not only provides intense privacy, but is a stunning strategy that elevates the livability of any space.

    Feeling a little exposed?  Implement a few of these privacy ideas and get ready to enjoy your back yard like never before!