• Update Front Entry, Patios and Decks

  • What’s your personal strategy for rejuvenation?  Often, our backyard living space plays an important role in recovery, but occasionally it’s our patio or front entry that’s in need of its own rescue.  Employ these smart game changers and you will likely benefit as well.



    • Never underestimate the value of weed free, freshly mulched / defined beds with properly pruned shrubs and crisply edged walks.
    • Have you noticed the volume of oak front entry doors that have been freshly painted black or another stately color?  A commanding front door with recent hardware is huge.
    • Oversized flowering pots portray a welcoming and vibrant home.
    • Coach lamps and mailboxes don’t have to be benign.  Check out www.walpolewoodworkers.com for stunning alternatives that will immediately renew, energize and refresh.


    • Like us, patios need refreshed too with an annual scrubbing to clean off pollution and food stains.
    • Stale concrete and even aging paver patios can be energized with relevant staining or sealing.
    • Inspire a tired patio by adding a jazzy edge paver or a large slab of natural stone “eating” into the side.  Let that random slab encourage thrilled guests towards another destination.
    • Edgy Mexican pebble or crushed stone patio ribbons add drama and can set a soothing tone.



    • Wood decks require regular maintenance (pressure washed and stained).  Even new composites enjoy a scrubbing.
    • Is your wood deck tired and budget constrained?  Try a carefully selected bold color, solid stain (not paint) on the floor with a contrasting accent handrail or bench.
    • Transform an outdated deck to modern with stainless steel cable or black aluminum spindle / rail systems, built in benches and large welcoming steps that behave as kid magnets.

    One amazing element can set the entire tone! Patios, decks and front entries are stylishly renewed with colorful furniture and accessories. Spend more than you prefer and get quality that will endure for seasons.  Protect them, and you, from the elements to maintain vigor. Furniture, cushion, rug and umbrella fashion has excelled recently as savvy manufactures compete to capture our passion for renewal and luxury outdoor living.

    Why rejuvenate?  Architect Rudolph Schindler knew in 1936. ”We are what our environment makes us, and if our environment is such as to produce excellent health, beauty, joy, and comfort, it will reflect immediately in our lives.”