• Rejuvenate … In Your Own Back Yard

  • IMG_0471REJUVENATE.  What does that mean to you?  How does it feel, look and taste?

    It seems most of us have developed our personal tools to detoxify and reclaim sanity.  Our vices to do so are many … exercise, faith, a trip to the day spa, alcohol, did I say exercise, escaping with a good book or movie.  And most provide temporary satisfaction before requiring another fix.  Perhaps vice is the wrong word.  It has a negative connotation and certainly many of our forms of renewal are actually productive life strategies which can mend together long term restoration. 

    Many families are learning to depend on one of their primary investments in life to restore their health, mind, body and soul.  Our homes can be all of that, as well as a place to practice our vice(s).


    Imagine that your outdoor living space actually has the power to rejuvenate.  It’s like group therapy, only better because it involves food, family and friends.  Or at least it can with the right space.  And while it helps if the space is incredible, it doesn’t have to be.  It just has to be yours.  You have to “own” it and explode the space with your personality and vibe.

    Let your recipe for healing be different than your neighbors.  Sure it can have the same artsy, livable elements.  We all require some sort of living surface like an edgy brick patio, synthetic deck or even basic concrete.  That’s the foundation.  But, what happens from there is all you.

    Most patio living spaces would simply be a naked pile of bricks or stale wood structure without the softening of thoughtful landscaping.  These liberating elements can serve to calm or excite with ornamental grasses doing the tango in the breeze, fragrant lilacs intoxicating the olfactory system and the bones of stately evergreen boxwoods to pull it all together.  For our suburban rectangles, ornamental, multi-stem flowering trees are critical for their year round interest and structure they evoke.  Blazing fresh perennial varieties are the surest way for a homeowner to reveal their quirky personality traits with youthful color and texture.  Color builds vigor, warms the heart, creates joy and is liberating.  Get some today.


    As the rage for outdoor living spaces and all things cocooning infects our neighborhoods, fire pits, fire places, water features, pergolas and lanais have evolved into commonplace vernacular at our favorite hangouts.  Spring is finally.  It’s time to squeeze into those tacky shorts and favorite t-shirt and escape into your outdoor space to detoxify your health, mind, body and soul.

    People thrive in lively environs.  Families thrive in lively environs.

    That’s my rejuvenation strategy!