• Landscaping Topics and Trends for 2013

  • Anticipation grows.  Not just for spring, but for all things fueled by outdoor living.  And, not just for any outdoor living…but luxury outdoor living!

    What are you anticipating this year as daylight grows and when a walk in the park or a celebration on the patio is a visitor again?

    Here’s a stripped down glance of our anticipated trends and emerging topics for 2013 and beyond:

    • Appreciation of shade and the innovative mechanisms being created to protect ourselves continue to expand.  You will be jazzed at what’s next.
    • Will the value of smart water use finally prompt a regional effort to manage our most valuable resource?  Leadership is needed.
    • Everything good and healthy about outdoor living reaches a tipping point.  Are we on the threshold of divorcing ourselves from our smart phones for more than a few minutes to appreciate nature?  Want a happy family?  Get outside!
    • Less is more and the appreciation of stylish simplicity gains momentum.  Imagine the provocative implications for your backyard.
    • Authentic new plant varieties that re-bloom with a color-riot, are massively fragrant, need seldom pruned or watered and makes coffee in the morning.  Natives, or not.
    • The growth of getting real.  Not every back yard should duplicate page 17 of your favorite paver catalog.  Fresh design and real stone (travertine, limestone, bluestone)…”rocks”.  Pun intended.
    • Interpreting reduced maintenance patios and landscapes.
    • More topics…weather extremes, crushed stone paths and patios, customization on the cheap, grill stations / alternatives and a twist on modern fire features.
    • And of course…what’s happening with the Kardashian’s.

    Follow us over the inspiring months ahead to explore several thrilling outdoor projects, detail the spirited trends of 2013 and anticipate the art, the value and the love of luxury outdoor living.